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ף , Pê seventeenth letter; used as numeral 80 in postB . Hebrew.

פֹּא v. פֹּה .


•[פָּאָה S 6284 TWOT 1725 GK 6990 ] vb. perhaps ( si vera l. ) cleave in pieces

( Arabic ( فأى , فأو ( f˒y, f˒w )) فَاأَ ( fā˒a ) cleave, split (head, bowl, etc.); Sab. פעי DHM ZMG xxx (1876), 701 f. ) ;— Hiph. Impf. 1 s. sf. אַפְאֵיהֶם Dt 32:26 I [ י׳ ] will cleave them in pieces (poss. point אֶפ׳ , i. e. Qal ; on other views v. D r; read perhaps אֲפִיצֵם Ö G r).

פֵּאָה S 6285 TWOT 1725a GK 6991, 6992, 699386 n.f. corner, side ( part cut off , ‘Abschnitt,’ according to Schröter in Me Archiv. i. 461 Ba ZMG xii (1887), 615 Buhl Lex, but perhaps bilit., M. 485 Sta § 185, and not from פאה ; cf. Arabic فِىَ˜ةٌ ( fi˒atun )

postB post-Biblical.
v. vide , see. prefixed, or added, or both, indicates All passages cited. S Strongs Concordance
TWOT Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament . GK Goodrick/Kohlenberger numbering system of the NIV Exhaustive Condordance . vb. verb.
si vera si vera lectico.

Sab. Sabean. DHM D. H. Müller. ZMG Zeitschrift d. deutsch. Morgenländ. Gesellschaft. Impf. Imperfect.
sf. suffix, or with suffix.

Dr S. R. Driver. ÖÑ Greek version of the LXX. Gr H. Grätz.
n. nomen , noun.
f. feminine, feminae. Me A. Merx.

Ba J. Barth. Buhl Frants Buhl, esp. as editor of eds. 12-14 of Geseniuss Handwörterbuch über das A. T .;

T. Nöldeke, Mandäische Grammatik . Sta B Stade, Heb. Gram.
root or stem.
cf. confer , compare.

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