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ע, ’Ayin , sixteenth letter; used as numeral 70 in postB Heb.

עבב TWOT 1552 ( of foll., cf. ii 1, 40 ; meaning unknown ) .

I . עָב S 5645, 5646 TWOT 1552a, 1574a GK 6264, 6265, 6266 , [ עֹב ] n.m. archit. term, meaning unknown; projecting roof is conjectured ( Sm Co Bertho l); others landing ( Da ); AV RV thick beam or plank , RVm threshold; Benz Kit Toy leave untranslated; in any case a structure of wood;— abs. וְעַסֻּדִים וְעָב 1 K 7: 6; appar. cstr. וְעָב עֵץ אֶל־פְּנֵי הָאוּלָם מֵהַחוּץ Ez 41:2 5; pl. ( si vera
) הָעֻבִּים v 2 6.

II . עָב S 5645, 5646 TWOT 1552a, 1574a GK 6264, 6265, 6266 v. עוּב .

postB post-Biblical. Heb. Hebrew. TWOT Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament . root or stem.
cf. confer , compare.

E. König, Heb. Gram. prefixed, or added, or both, indicates All passages cited. S Strongs Concordance
GK Goodrick/Kohlenberger numbering system of the NIV Exhaustive Condordance .
n. nomen , noun.
m. masculine. Sm R. Smend (rarely = Samuel). Co C. H. Cornill.

Berthol A. Bertholet. Da A. B. Davidson. AV Authorized Version. RV Revised Version. RVm Revised Version margin. Benz J. Benzinger.

Kit R. Kittel. abs. absolute. cstr. construct. pl. plural. si vera si vera lectico. v verse.
v. vide , see.

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