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עָצַב S 6087 TWOT 1666, 1667 GK 6771, 6772 ] vb. hurt, pain, grieve ( NH Nithp. and in deriv.; å עֲצַב be in pain (rare); Ethiopic ˜˜˜ ( ˓aṣaba ) be hard, difficult; Lag BN 50, cf. 201 cp. Arabic غَضِبَ ( ğaḍiba ) be angry , but dub. ) ;— Qal Pf. 3 ms. sf. עֲצָבֹו 1 K 1:6 his father had not painted him ( Ö Klo Gr עֲצָרֹו , but v. Ben z); ins. עָצַב (with other words) 2 S 13:21 Ö Ew Th We Kit Bu HP S; Inf. cstr. sf. לְבִלְתִּי עָצְבִּי 1 Ch 4:10 that it ( רָעָה ) may not pain me; Pt. pass. cstr. עֲצוּבַת רוּחַ Is 54:6 hurt in spirit (of Zion under fig. of deserted wife). Niph. Pf. 3 ms. נֶעְצַב 1 S 20:34 be pained for ( אֶל pers .; del. Ö HP S); נֶעֱצַב 2 S 19:3 the king is in pain (is grieving) for ( עַל pers .); Impf. 3 ms. יֵעָצֵב 1 S 20:3 lest he be pained; + בָּהֶם instr. Ec 10:9 shall be hurt by them (i.e. אֲבָנִים ; only here of physical pain); 2 mpl. תֵּעָֽצְבוּ Gn 45:5 be not grieved ( + יִחַר ; sq. כִּי that ye sold me), cf. Ne 8:1 0, 11 ( abs. ) do not grieve . Pi. Pf. 3 pl. עִצְּבוּ c. acc. Is 63:10 they vexed his holy spirit ( + מָרוּ ); Impf. 3 mpl. דְּבָרַי יְעַצֵּ˜בוּ ψ

vb. verb. NH New (Late) Hebrew. Lag P. de Lagarde, Bildung d. Nomina . cp. compare.

Pf. Perfect. ms. masculine singular. sf. suffix, or with suffix. ÖÑ Greek version of the LXX. Klo A. Klostermann.

Gr H. Grätz. Benz J. Benzinger. Ew H. Ewals.

Th O. Thenius. We J. Wellhousen. Kit R. Kittel. HPS H. P. Smith. Inf. Infinitive.

Pt. Participle. pass. passive. fig. figurative. pers. person, personae. del. dele, strike out (also delet, delent ). Impf. Imperfect.
+ plus, denotes often that other passages, etc., might be cited. So also where the forms of verbs, nouns, and adjectives are illustrated by citations, near the beginning of articles; while etc. in such connexions commonly indicates that other forms of the word occur, which it has not been thought worth while to cite.
mpl. masculine plural.
sq. followed by.
acc. accusative (direct obj. etc.)

I. [

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