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intends), which Ew Di Kit then interpret of working -classes, || עשֵֹׁי שֶׂכֶר ; but

perhaps opp. of this, the upper classes, so as to include all ranks of society, Thes De Che Comm.; Che Hpt. Buhl al. שֹׁתֶיהָ weavers of it ( cf. Du Mart i), v. III. שׁתה .

שָׁכַב S 7901 TWOT 2381 GK 8886 ( Lag BN 63 ) 212 vb. lie down ( NH = B H; שכב Ecclus 47:23 (in death), משכב bed 40: 5; 47:20 d, = death bed 46:1 9; Ph. שכב , משכב (v. מ׳ 1 infr .), Lzb 375 ; Ethiopic ˜˜˜ (sakaba) lie, so Aramaic שְׁכַב , ˜˜˜˜ ( škeb ); Nab. משכבא couch; Arabic سَكَبَ (sakaba) only pour out (water, tears), be poured out ( cf. Hiph. infr ., and Lag BN 63) ) ;— Qal Pf. 3 ms. שׁ׳ Gn 26:10 +, etc.; Impf. יִשְׁכַּב Gn 30:15 +, 3 mpl. יִשְׁכְּבֻן 1 S 2:2 2, יִשְׁכָּב֑וּן Jos 2:8 Jb 30:17 , etc.; Imv. ms. שְׁכַב 2 S 13:5 Ez 4: 4, שִׁכְבָה Gn 39: 7, 12 , etc.; Inf. abs.

S Strongs Concordance TWOT Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament . GK Goodrick/Kohlenberger numbering system of the NIV Exhaustive Condordance . Lag P. de Lagarde, Bildung d. Nomina .
vb. verb.

NH New (Late) Hebrew. = equivalent, equals. BH Biblical Hebrew. Ecclus Ecclesiasticus; Ecclus, Oxford ed., = Heb. Fragments of Ecclesiasticus, edd. Neubauer and Cowley.

Ph. Phenician.
v. vide , see. infr. infra, below. Lzb M. Lidsbarski (v. Ldzb.). Nab. Nabataean.
cf. confer , compare.

Pf. Perfect. ms. masculine singular. + plus, denotes often that other passages, etc., might be cited. So also where the forms of verbs, nouns, and adjectives are illustrated by citations, near the beginning of articles; while etc. in such connexions commonly indicates that other forms of the word occur, which it has not been thought worth while to cite.

Impf. Imperfect. mpl. masculine plural. Imv. Imperative.

Inf. Infinitive. abs. absolute.

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